My Thoughts on Defiance

When I heard the news Defiance was going to have a TV counterpart, my eyebrows were raised. This is the first time anything like this has been done; an mmo that has a TV with the same name. I think it’s a pretty cool concept linking the two together. However, with the hype that’s been spread by the game, it comes down to gameplay that matters.


I expect flying ATVs in the game.

Defiance will not be defined by any classes but players will have the option of choosing their ‘Origin’. An Origin is similar to a starting point; players will not be limited to what abilities, outfits and weapons they can access to in the game. In a sense, players will be able to customize their ‘deck’ and play freely without restrictions. Physical appearances will be highly customizable as tattoos, skin color, hair and clothing will be completely up to players. How do you want to represent in the game and stand out unique is the name of the game.

Now comes the fun part; gameplay. Defiance is known to be a 3rd person action/shooter game which will be heavily focused on PvP and the story. The game will be revolving around the player’s actions and decisions; the player’s decisions will allow the story to progress in a good or bad way.

Since the main objective of Defiance game news is to participate in Arkfalls, advanced alien technologies which fall from the sky, players can either cooperate or compete with one another. Once obtained, players can use these technologies to upgrade their weapons. Also, there’s a possibility that these objects can be sold or can be quest items which you need to bring back to your quest giver.

Lastly, the TV show. Even if the TV show has concluded a season, the game will continue on. How it will continue on is beyond anybody’s guess but my guess is that the developers at Trion will add in expansion packs to the game.

The game will be available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles on April 2nd. There’s been a lot of speculation about if this tactic, combining TV series with the game will succeed. But if it’s not attempted then we’ll never know, right? I think it’ll be an awesome combo. I’m looking forward to more news released by Trion Worlds for their beta events or news relating to the game!


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