Defiance Guide to Ego

EGO implants alters its host on a genetic level providing Ark Hunters additional powers such as encyclopaedic intelligence and the ability to unlock and manage corporal abilities. Some of the most interesting abilities include personal cloaking, super speed, heightened instincts, threat identification and bio-medical monitoring. EGO implants were designed to help hunters survive the harsh environment of the San Francisco bay area, will update you on mission status as you progress, and also allow you to get mission objectives without having to return to the mission source.

According to lore the Votans invented the EGO technology and it was originally used by the Votainis Collective in the Pale Wars. Afterwards the technology was retrieved by Karl Von Bach and Von Bach Industries discovered a way to modify it for use by the Ark Hunters. All actions performed by Ark Hunters will increase their EGO Points allowing them to upgrade and unlock new abilities in addition to new content and improved loot.

As a constant companion in the Defiance universe, EGO will assist you as you journey through objectives and missions. She shares many similarities with other game VI and players may closely associate her with the VI in the Halo series. However, one major difference you’ll notice is while other VIs are an external AI, EGO is supported by a direct connection to the Ark Hunter’s brain. Refer to http:/, EGO is a separate intelligent entity implanted in the hunter’s brain. Some players are already wondering whether or not they’ll be able to modify their EGO’s look and feel, but at the current time those options are not yet available. All EGOs will display as a blue female hologram in-game.

EGO Powers

  • Blur allows you to dodge attacks by increasing your speed for a short time. Upgrade to increase duration.
  • Cloak will render you invisible to the enemy. Upgrades shorten the cool down period.
  • Decoy allows you to create a holographic duplicate of the host in order to distract the enemy. Durability can be increased by upgrading.
  • Overcharge deals greater damage to your enemies and duration is increased by upgrading.
  • Enhancements include supplements for the four powers listed above and some additional powers to augment game play.

With the EGO implant you can assist other players with objectives for pay, kind of like an adventuring mercenary. You can register your new Ark Hunter profile here.

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